1 | names

- Mr. & Mrs. Name
- Groom's Name & Bride's Name
- Last Name

2 | Added Text (before or after names)

- Celebrating Mr. & Mrs.
- Just Married
- Happily Ever After
- Celebrating
- Event Date
- Location

 3 | Customize text

- Name's 21st Birthday
- Name's Class of 2017
- Name's Grad Party
- Name's Bridal Shower
- Name's Bachelorette Party


To purchase each custom geofilter you will finalize the purchasing process through our Etsy shop: Paper Anchor Co. Our shop link is

In each purchase please include your email address, names, event date and your font options in the buyer's notes. Please allow 48 (business) hours to receive your custom design via email.


- One custom digital PNG file for Snapchat
- One custom digital PDF file for you to reference design
-  One revision (edit font, font color, etc.)


After you have approved your design, we will send you a PNG ready to upload onto Snapchat. You will then upload it to Snapchat and select the area, date and time you want your filter to be active. Then during that date and time anyone in the area you selected will be able to use your filter on Snapchat!

Uploading a custom filter to Snapchat is an additional expense to consider. Prices vary depending on the size of the location and the duration. A 20,000 square foot area and 8-hour time period is $5 (the minimum dollar amount). This would cover almost all parties. Uploading your filter is a simple and quick process that you complete online with your Snapchat account. Here is the link to upload your geofilter onto Snapchat:

**Please note: snapchat will not accept filters using hashtags or full names**